Abate Capital - About us
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About the Company

Learn about our history and work


  • Abate Capital is the bridge between Ethiopian & EAC talent and
    international equity.
  • We believe there is a distinct entrepreneurial and managerial talent in
    this part of Africa, and our purpose is to fully fund and sustain local
    initiatives throughout financing, equity, advisory and management.
  • We adhere to the principles of the EAC, and we have a motto: do good
    by doing well.


We finance and develop both existing and greenfield opportunities by
assuming an active role in the promotion and management of the
projects and companies we advise, making sure the full potential of the
projects we assume is realised.


Core Virtues

We adhere to the classical cardinal virtues, which guide our delivery:

  1. Prudence: we foster (both within our team and with our
    partners) the habit to judge and decide between actions with
    regard to the natural end of business: the creation of human
    wealth for its stakeholders. Many business judgements lack
    realism in the beginning and that condemns the future of the
    business to underperformance.
  2. Endurance: Abati Capital prefers to work smoothly but, when
    reality gets tough, we display the ability to confront
    uncertainty and intimidation. The world of business is a brave
  3. Temperance, also known as restraint, means that we are here
    for the long term and facing heaven, i.e. we prefer moderate
    but stable performances and returns to explosive beginnings
    that end into a burst.
  4. Justice: we will always act according to the natural law of the
    realities we confront: people, countries, companies… That
    means that we put what is needed; not more and not least.

Our Approach

  • Patience: our approach is long term, this meaning no rush, no exit
    pressures, no need to wait for the next rising cycle…
  • Opportunity: we are not dogmatic on sectors (we can invest in any
    sector), stage (we can invest in any stage of a business) and
    ownership structure (we can partners with private individuals,
    corporations, public entities, etc.)
  • Strategic position: we love bottle-neck sectors: those that require
    an important amount of expertise from the promoters, sizeable
    initial investments and excellent performance to comply with local
    regulations and to gain public trust.
  • The sectors we are looking at are those that accompany the
    development of the middle class: affordable real estate, affordable
    education, affordable healthcare, light / value added
    manufacturing, food processing and food exports, affordable
    financing, affordable clothing, FMCG and industrial improvements.